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140eu/per person. (1-2)

There is nothing better to know the essence of wine than to live the experience from the vineyard, go through the winery and end up tasting and sharing sensations with the winemakers between wines and good «viandas».

Guided by Javi, founder of Jugo together with Gaby, we will travel to the Cordoba countryside in search of the best vineyards and wines of our region. Our first stop will be in the village of Santa Cruz where we will visit one of the most important bakeries in Spain: La Tradición. There, its workers will show us the secrets of their wood-fired oven, the fermentations with sourdough and the secret of each flour.

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We already have our bread! and we continue between rural roads through olive groves and vineyards until we reach the estate of our friend José Miguel Márquez. His project is a pioneer in Spain of natural wines, however, Jose Miguel was the founder in 2006 of the Association of Natural Wine Producers. His knowledge in the field since he was a child with his father and his mastery in winemaking have placed Jose Miguel among the most respected international figures. Together with him we will take a walk through the vineyards discovering the value of biodiversity and soils, analyzing in each session the state of the vines to return to the winery and discover the secrets of making the most sincere wines with the terroir.

Finally, we will taste 5 wines accompanied by a selection of cheeses and Iberian ham…and of course, the bread of La Tradición.

Meeting point: JUGO

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Jose Miguel Márquez

«My philosophy is based on the care of the vines and respect for the environment. The result is wines that express the nature of the land and the climate of the place, in a Mediterranean environment, with the gentle influence of the Atlantic air. With nothing more than the fermentation of the juice of the different grape varieties, without additives. I search in the soil for the «Lost Memory» of the wines of yesteryear. A singular land, a mixture of albariza and sand, and an extreme climate, which favors a perfect ripening of the varieties; the practical inexistence of climatic inclemencies, is the result of completely healthy grapes vintage after vintage. In short, an ideal place to seek the maximum expression of natural wine. Salud!!»